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How can I make my accommodation more sustainable?

Climate change is one of the great challenges we will have to face in the coming years. It is urgent that we have more conscious attitudes towards the environment and the use of its resources. The truth is that it is now urgent to be more sustainable, not only because of the issue of the environment but also because of the consumption trend that has become - and this equates to an increase in customer loyalty and contentment, as well as being intrinsically related to saving and controlling your costs.

Here are some ideas on how you can make your accommodation more sustainable.

1 - Use intelligent technology

Using energy-efficient electronics, light bulbs and heating and cooling types of equipment will result in significant savings in your energy consumption. It saves the environment and your wallet.

2 - Recycle

Recycling waste has been a must for quite some time and should remain good practice. The truth is that recycling can go much further than paper, plastic and glass. Old restaurant towels can become new napkins or even Turkish towels can become bath mats. What matters is to control the waste we generate and have a more conscious consumption.

3 - Encourage guests to be more sustainable

Inform your guests about energy consumption and ask them to turn off the light when they are not in the accommodation or to reuse their bath towels - not requiring a daily change of them. Inform them about your sustainability actions and make them part of the change.

4 - Save Water

There are numerous options on the market that allow you to save on the water you spend in an accommodation unit. From water flow controllers for showerheads to more homemade water-saving tricks for the toilet flush, there are many ways to control the spending of this very essential resource.

5 - Support local businesses

Know your suppliers and favour those who are environmentally concerned with production and distribution. Whenever possible, choosing to buy locally, not only reduces the impact that transport has on the environment but also helps the community where it is located.

These are just a few examples of good practices that you can start implementing now to make your accommodation more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is not only a trend, it is also an urgent necessity.

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